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It is estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians live with chronic pain making it a huge concern for many patients no matter what your practice focus. This orthopedic series will provide methodical and easy to implement assessment and treatment strategies so that you too can reduce pain for your patients. Upcoming topics include: 

1. How to efficiently assess the cervical and upper thoracic regions and other key areas for successful treatment 

2. Muscle tension mechanisms explained and how to change it 

3. The hormone and muscle connection – how to treat frozen shoulder using physical therapy and bioidentical hormones 

4. Key nutrients for muscle pain 

5. Nutrient deficiencies that may contribute to pain levels and how to correct them

Dr. Robyn Prescott's first instalment has arrived. Get ready to learn phys med from a maestra. 

In this webinar Dr. Prescott covers: 

  • Physical Medicine of the C-Spine and T-Spine 
  • Anatomy overview and assessments with very helpful hints she has gathered over the years 
  • Identification of muscle structures of the upper thoracic and cervical lines with ease of understanding 
  • How to isolate muscle groups and clinical pearls on each group of muscles including tension lines and how to release each muscle group. 
  • Overview of rib subluxations 
  • Overview of Upper Cross Syndrome 
  • Overview of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 
  • What are red flags to look out for “when not to do something” to treat 
  • Clinical keys from Dr. Prescott’s practice of treating over 10,000 patient visits. 
  • Which injection solutions does she use? How to avoid practitioner tendonitis when injecting? 
  • Treatment MOAs 
  • Overview of Neural therapy 
  • Overview of Prolotherapy 
  • When is Prolotherapy not indicated? 
  • Treatment expectations with conditions 
  • A Patient Case to bring it all home. 

Travell and Simons would be proud of this webinar! As are we. Enjoy the Orthopedics on Campfire.


Part 1: Diagnosis

Gout is so much more common these days and it’s not all about beer and steak at a wedding reception. It’s so much more. In this two part webinar we go over what the clinician needs to know about relevant gout information. Dive in!

What is acute gout?
What is chronic gout?
Why do we not give Allopurinol or natural uric acid lowering therapies to people with acute gout attacks?
Why don’t we lower uric acid during an acute attack?
How does aspirin cause gout?
How does niacin cause gout?
Why is psoriasis such a risk factor for gout?
Digestive enzymes are not good for gout?
What is the relationship between chronic kidney disease and gout?
Why does stubbing your toe cause gout?
Why the big toe!?
What thresholds for uric acid are considered for hyperuricemia?
Do we monitor or treat patients with hyperuricemia who don’t have gout?
Why is uric acid low during an acute attack?
What are uric acid serum targets for patients with gout?
Is estrogen a cure for gout?

More topics coming soon!

Course Description

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Orthopedic Medicine

    • Orthopedic Medicine Course Overview

    • Physical Medicine C-Spine and T-Spine Topics

    • Physical Medicine C-Spine and T-Spine Review

  • 3


    • Gout Diagnosis

    • Gout Diagnosis


Dr Robyn Prescott ND

Dr. Robyn Prescott ND

Dr. Prescott received her medical degree from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic medicine in 2014 where she graduated with the prestigious Spirit of Boucher award acknowledging her for outstanding commitment to both the community and academics. For the past five years Dr. Prescott has operated her own successful private practice in North Vancouver, BC before recently relocating to Kamloops, BC while maintaining a part-time practice in Vancouver at the beautiful Mint Integrative Health Clinic. 
Dr. Prescott’s practice focuses on pain management, personal health optimization, and hormone balancing for all individuals. With extensive training and experience in physical medicine Dr. Prescott has spent many years perfecting pain relieving injection therapy techniques and currently holds certification in prolotherapy, neural therapy, therapeutic and cosmetic botox and is one of the few naturopathic physicians in Canada to perform injections under ultrasound guidance. 
Dr. Prescott is active in BC with presentations for the public on various topics and has written various publications for Alive Magazine, NSMBA, and Mountain Bike for Her. She has also been an advanced physical medicine instructor for the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Bobby Parmar ND

Dr. Parmar obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Kinesiology, Psychology and the Humanities at Simon Fraser University. He proceeded to complete naturopathic medical training at the premiere institution the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Going on 13 years working in Vancouver he is practicing in a highly collaborative care wellness clinic called Mint Integrative. He was is also adjunct faculty at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine where he teaches and supervises interns at various stages of their program including Genetics, Geriatrics, and Naturopathic Clinical Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Parmar stays engaged with the community by working with multiple organizations giving workshops to members of the Canadian Mental Health Association, The Arthritis Society of BC and Yukon, and the Earthsave Society of Canada. He has also previously served on the Board of Directors for the British Columbia Naturopathic Association and the Friends For Life Society.

As a fervent educator, Dr. Parmar has tailored his academic career to best manage family medicine through naturopathy. His work as a general primary care ND practitioner means he stays up to date with the most current knowledge for most health conditions. He is driven by a passion to better understand the dynamics of health and above all the ever-growing field of mind-body medicine and to convey that understanding to anyone in need or with the desire to be educated. Currently Dr. Parmar is a Key Opinion Leader for Lifelabs/RMA and has lectured on various medical topics to diverse groups of health professionals including MDs and NDs. He has also presented at the Collaborative Education Conference in 2018.



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