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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m not a Naturopathic Doctor or student of Naturopathic Medicine - Can I still subscribe to CAMPFIRE?

    Yes! While our material is specifically developed by NDs for NDs, the information may apply to other integrative healthcare practitioners, even if some of the modalities may not be in your defined scope of practice. You are welcome to subscribe to our material. Unfortunately, only licensed Naturopathic Doctors or students of Naturopathic Medicine will be included in our online discussion forum however, due to privacy, legal and regulatory restrictions.

  • Do you offer discounts for multiple practitioners, or clinics?

    Yes! We would be delighted to offer price reductions for multiple practitioners practicing within the same clinical location. Please contact us directly at for pricing information based on the number of practitioners in your location.

  • Do CAMPFIRE webinars qualify for Continuing Education credits?

    Yes! In BC, our seminars qualify for Category C credits with the CNPBC which require no pre-approval; only review and summary with your submission. In Alberta, CNDA Continuing Competence credits do not need to be pre-approved. We are currently exploring requirements and approval for CE credits in ON with CONO.

  • If I cancel my membership, will I still have access to the online discussion forum?

    No; our online discussion forum is only for current membership who are up to date with the more recent webinars.

  • Are individual courses available to purchase?

    At this time, we do not have individual webinar pricing.

  • How often is new material posted?

    We are committed to providing you with new webinars every month. These new webinars will come in a variety of forms: Educational webinars in both long and short formats, and interviews with industry experts, will make up the majority of our posted content.

  • Can I pause my membership?

    Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any lapses in membership. If you choose to discontinue your membership with us, you are always welcome to join us again in the future at the current rates.

  • Do you have student discounts?

    Yes! We are huge supporters of our accredited schools! We currently have student discounts for CCNM and BINM setup. You get your discount for the duration of your uninterrupted subscription even after you graduate! Coupons are limited to a single use per person: If your subscription lapses, you will not be eligible to use your student discount again. If you are attending another NABNE-accredited school, please contact us to set up your school's student discounts.

  • Can I use a coupon again in the future?

    No - Coupons are limited to a single use per person - So while we honour your discounted monthly rates forever if your subscription continues: If your membership lapses or you cancel your account, you will not be eligible to use the coupon a second time in the future.

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