What you'll Learn

Bacterial Vaginosis

This course covers the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial vaginosis, the most common vaginal infection among women of reproductive age.  The focus of the course is on preventing and treating recurrent infections using both pharmaceutical and naturopathic treatments.  Upon completion, you will have an up to date and thorough resource for treatment strategies.  


Vulvodynia is a very common condition and yet most health care providers know very little about it.  Too many women are suffering in silence from this complex pain syndrome.  This course will give you the tools you need to understand, identify and diagnose vulvodynia in your practice.  

Vulvodynia: A Treatment Notebook

This webinar is the second in the vulvodynia course.  It will provide you with a summary of available treatments and resources that you can integrate in to your practice immediately.  

Uterine Fibroids

Part 1: Uterine fibroids, or leiomyomas are extremely common in reproductive age women and yet most clinicians know very little about them.  After watching this webinar you will know all you need to know about fibroids including how these benign tumours grow, who is at risk and how to identify them in your practice

Part 2: Treatment. The second part of our course on uterine leiomyomas where we discuss the available treatment options and how to help our patients make informed decisions about the best course of action for them, taking in to consideration all of the complex factors that might influence that decision.


What causes PMDD and how do we make an accurate diagnosis? You will complete this webinar with the answers to these important questions along with an understanding of how to treat using the best available evidence.

  • Why is PMDD so understudied?
  • How can I tell the difference between severe PMS and PMDD?
  • What does trauma have to do with PMDD?
  • How do I make an accurate diagnosis and where do I find the tools to do this?
  • Is PMDD caused by progesterone deficiency? Or can I harm my patient by giving them progesterone?
  • What does allopregnanolone have to do with PMDD?
  • How do I prescribe SSRIs for PMDD? What is intermittent dosing? What is symptom onset dosing?
  • How do SSRIs work so quickly for PMDD but not depression?
  • Can I use St. John's Wort instead of SSRIs?
  • What is the evidence for vitex and PMDD?
  • What other natural therapies can I use?

Course Description

  • 1


    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Bacterial Vaginosis

    • Bacterial Vaginosis

    • Bacterial Vaginosis

  • 3

    Interview: Holly Yager - Pain

    • Talking Points: Holly Yager - Pain

    • Interview Holly Yager - Pain

  • 4

    Vulvodynia: A Complex Pain Syndrome

    • Vulvodynia

    • Vulvodynia

  • 5

    Vulvodynia: A Treatment Notebook

    • Vulvodynia: A Treatment Notebook

    • Vulvodynia: A Treatment Notebook

  • 6

    Uterine Fibroids

    • Uterine Fibroids: Course Content

    • Uterine Fibroids

    • Uterine Fibroids: Treatment

  • 7

    PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)

    • PMDD: Course Description

    • PMDD


Dr. Alana Shaw ND

Alana received her undergraduate degree (BSc.) from McMaster University where she also enjoyed a successful varsity basketball career. She graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2003 and then continued her education at the University of British Columbia where she studied reproductive endocrinology, infertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

She has extensive clinical experience in the field of infertility and reproductive medicine after years of working closely alongside Dr. Anthony Cheung at the Grace Fertility Centre in Vancouver, and now at her private practice at Mint Integrative. Alana continues to stay active in the academic community as an instructor at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic and also recently co-authored her first published article in a peer-reviewed journal. She is a regular speaker and presenter at local and national conferences including the BCNA Advances in Naturopathic Medicine conference, Institute of Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine conference, Collaborative Education conferences and NFH Women’s Health Symposiums.


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